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HIDFOOD s.r.l.

Registered office: Via Naz. Frentana, 93 66010

Lama dei Peligni - (CH). Abruzzo.Italy.

Operational office: Zona Industriale Ovest snc66043 -

Casoli (CH). Abruzzo. Italy.

P.I. 02629150695


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1948 when it all began...

In 1948 Nicola and Sofia Angelucci founded a small farm in the Pianimarini district of a small town in the Chieti area on the slopes of the eastern Majella, in Abruzzo, called Lama dei Peligni. Here the Second World War took place. made its position along the famous 'Gustav Line ' really felt. Despite the difficulties of the case and with passion and enthusiasm, the two spouses embarked on their adventure as agricultural traders and began to cultivate mainly vegetables, vegetables, fruit , wheat and olives, reselling all their crops in the town market. Here in the picture the aunt Cristina, the two spouses Angelucci Sofia and Nicola together with their son Quirino and little Maria Irene in the calendar year 1960 during a family lunch.

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1967 the first shop in town.

Over the years, to optimize their work, after losing a precious wheat crop due to a strong storm, Nicola and Sofia decided to implement the cultivation of all the other products, excluding precisely wheat. In addition they signed a contract with a local wholesaler to also have other products that could not be grown at about 700 m asl It was the right

intuition and in 1967 they managed to open their first shop in the village to sell directly to I publish all their products, helped by their children. In 1975, with regret, the couple found themselves alone managing the crops and the shop, as their two children both made other choices by leaving the country...

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1985 Maria Irene takes over the family business.

In 1985 with great surprise and after having worked for some years in a fruit and vegetable in the center of Milan, Maria Irene decided to return to her country and take over the business of family with the help of her husband Nicola Innaurato. It was a success! While the spouses Nicola and Sofia continued to cultivate the products on their lands, Maria Irene dedicated herself to reselling in the shop in the village together with her husband Nicola who, despite having another job in another sector played a decisive role. In addition to checking the products grown by the in-laws ready for sale and sold by Maria in the first part of the day, Nicola had to decide which goods to buy from the wholesaler based on the quality and space in the shop due to the lack of a storage warehouse. Sometimes they applied a presale, especially for tomatoes in the summer. Both had one indisputable rule: the HIGH QUALITY of all products chosen and marketed !. Until...

From 2001 from shop to supermarket together with their children Daniele e Fabio.

From 1985 to 2001 the two spouses Nicola and Maria Irene saw many of their dreams come true until in 2001 they decided to actively involve their children, transferring the business family in a room of about 450 square meters. They also signed a franchising contract with a company in the large-scale distribution sector that could allow them to market consumer products in addition to those grown by them. The joy was enormous for both of them, being able to also to let two other professional figures outside the family work. In 2009 the two children decided to take other career paths and it was

thus that the spouses Maria Irene and Nicola, finding themselves facing what Nicola and Sofia had previously experienced in the distant 1975, they decided to sell their business. Until ...

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In 2018 HidFood was born!

The second son Fabio, despite his work, continued to be passionate about everything related to the world of food and in 2016, after having obtained a scholarship, he started a market research in the food & wine sector. This also allowed him to select more than about 1200 Italian farms in various international fairs such as Cibus, Tuttofood, Terra Madre Torino, Vinitaly, Formaticum, etc. and in 2018, together with other 3 guys, he founded an innovative startup, calling it HidFood (crasis of hidden + food that is hidden food) with the aim of making known the real Made in Italy of the food and wine sector, hidden in the Italian countryside, to all

passionate about those particular products that do not always manage to be present in the classic known distribution channels. In small steps, from a simple innovative startup, in 2021 HidFood has become an SRL and is preparing to penetrate foreign markets thanks to the active collaboration of various young professionals who guarantee the necessary expertise.
The presentation video of HidFood, with the kind participation of the Abruzzo chef Antonella D'Alfonso, was shot entirely in the Abruzzo region, is owned à of the company Hidfood srl and is copyrighted.


HidFood finalist at #SIOS 2018. ​

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HidFood finalist among the 500 best startups in Italy, among the top 6 for the food sector at the Startup Italia Open Summit 2018 held in Milan. 

Are owned by the company Hidfood srl and covered by copyright.



finalist at the



2018. ​

HidFood finalist among the best 12 Abruzzese Startups at the 2018 Cambiamenti Award held at the University of Pescara.

The photos are property of the company Hidfood s.r.l and are covered by copyright.


finalist in the competition


2019. ​ ​


HidFood finalist among the best Italian Startups in the 'Awarding the Excellence 'organized by the Ambasciatori del Gusto association held at Palazzo Caracciolo in Naples.

The photos are owned by the company Hidfood srl and covered by copyright.



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